Remove address from blacklist

To have an IP address removed from the DNSBL, simply type in the address below and click Search. If the address is blacklisted, click on the Remove button and follow further instructions.

If you don't know the IP address, you should contact your email provider for further assistance.

Why am I here?

You are probably here because an email you attempted to send was blocked by the email systems of the recipient. The recipient has in this case not received the email, and your email provider has been blacklisted. You should probably inform your email provider about this if the situation does not correct itself within a couple of hours.

Why is my email provider blocked?

Your email provider probably has hundreds or thousands of customers and most likely one or more of these have been sending out unsolicied email through your provider's systems. These emails have been captured by so called "spam traps" and have put the provider on the blacklist.

Who is blocking my email?

The email has been blocked by the email provider of the person you tried to send the email to.